A Biased View of Kurt B Uhlir, Age 44 - Lives in Roswell, GA, (312) 501-0554

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Kurt Uhlir worked as Chairman and Interim COO of The Made in America Movement, helping assist us through an unbelievable part of our growth and still works carefully with numerous in Made in USA efforts and business. The Latest Info Found Here is a. He has been blessed to build and run businesses from start-up to over $500M yearly earnings, assembled groups throughout six continents, an IPO ($ 880M), and numerous acquisitions.

Kurt has particular expertise in driving product experience and technology vision, increasing customer base while lowering acquisition cost, reducing month-to-month churn, and increasing ARPU and life time value. He is the lead innovator of disruptive innovations in 5 industries, including being for three foundational patents covering Waze, check-in/location services (e. g.

Kurt co-founded Sideqik one of the first influencer marketing platforms. He put together the initial group, supervise the very first 3 years of operations, and led their effective launch becoming the platform of record for marketing teams in e, Sports, video gaming, and nutrition markets with top brand names such as CBS Interactive, Ben, Q, Harmonix, Hyper, X, Hansgrohe, Kontrol, Freek,, Muscle, Tech, and dozens of others.

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He speaks all over the world at conferences, corporate retreats, and professional associations on as "Prospering in the Age of Market Disruption and Technology", "Increasing Your Cadence as an Entrepreneur", "Prospering in the Influence Economy", Influencer Marketing, Autonomous Automobiles and more. Conferences regularly rank him in the leading 10% of all speakers.

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After running hard for the previous 3 years at Sideqik, he took almost 16 months to focus on deliberately resting, investing more time with his partner Valerie, and overtaking friends worldwide. Those that have actually worked with him have actually called him "an unique combination of a force of nature and a man you want to hang out at a cabin with".

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